Kathryn has always felt the pull of the Mysteries, the desire to find a deeper knowing and understanding of life. Her long love and study of the esoteric realms led her to the Tarot, Egypt, Scotland, Mexico She studied in the Egyptian Mystery School with Nicki Scully and Normandi Ellis, and is an initiate in the lineage of Thoth. She is a ceremonialist and priestess. Her tarot readings are done with the guidance of the Great Council of Tarot for personal alchemical transformation. Continuing to follow the call for knowledge, Kathryn is now a certified practitioner in the Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis™ Method and offers sessions in exploring the quantum field of past, future, and parallel lives. 

All sessions with me are by appointment. Please contact me to arrange a time for you!

Thank you for your interest! Part of my pursuit of knowledge is to share whatever wisdom experience I can to help you on your path. 

It is my honor to be your guide to help you access the ancient wisdom as well as your own soul wisdom to assist you in your personal transformation. 

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