Experience the Wellpoint Method of Spiritual Hypnosis with Kathryn Ravenwood as your guide. 

We have all been here before. The Eternal process of becoming our own Divine Being is not accomplished in one lifetime. We are molded by the thoughts and experiences we carry with us from life to life. The Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ offers a way to discover and connect to a higher level of personal purpose and understanding; to clear aways obstacles we have brought with us from past lives. 

I am seeing people experience breakthroughs in their sessions - some have even said life changing. 

​Personally, i now have a deeper connection with my own Higher Self and am aligning more to that Guidance for my life direction.

​...Kathryn Ravenwood


"Heart-blowing ripple effect experience - even for a persona that has done and delivered some serious mind-blowing modalities and experiences. My session with Kathryn's past life quantum healing was done on the anniversary of an event for a long-standing, life blokingsituation that I seemed stuck in regardless of the different approaches that I had applied to it. This was a definitive catalyst to the unwinding resolution and the completion of this and prior lifetimes entanglements. The immediate benefit was evident in the bodily shifting and the incredible shifts in the direction of my life inn the subsequent months, which matched what I remembered in the session. Higher Self and the Divine we4re having fun with me as the recording of the session would NOT play no matter the player app or device that I used. Until today when, seemingly  spontaneously, the recording began playing in my headset as I was out walking, and at the cusp of a decision point with the stud situation. What the heck! now that stuck situation is truly unwound and I am in acceptance.  There are not enough words to describe this. DO IT! No matter what else you have been practicing as a modality, a session with Kathryn will be an accelerator!

​...Dana June Taylor

"I was skeptical at first. I didn't know if this work was similar to things on TV. My trust in Kathryn allowed me to open up and explore this hypnosis method, I was amazed at the clarity that my past lives gave me with current situations and feelings that I've had. It gave me a great understanding of where my rage comes from, why I am who I am in this life, and ultimately gave me a sense of peace. Knowing what I've been through has brought a light into the darkness I've felt for years. Kathryn provided a professional, peaceful setting which helped me be completely open to the session, After the session I have to say I was skeptical no more! I walked away from this with a sigh of relief - I finally have the answers I've been searching for, literally for years. I highly recommend this method and Kathryn Ravenwood to everyone, This has truly been life changing."

.... Sarah Stringer