Introduction to the Spiritual Directions: A Shamanic Path of Initiation
Format:  Self Study – you may begin at anytime & all modules are instantly accessible
Guide/Instructors  Kathryn Ravenwood
Investment:  $45

Registration:  Sign up on the Course I
Length:  Self-paced – 8 Modules plus 4 audios that you receive on sign up

Welcome to the Introduction to the Spiritual Directions: A Shamanic Path of Initiation. The Spiritual Directions are the foundation of Shamanic Practice. Join experienced practitioner and guide Kathryn Ravenwood as she introduces you to the Wisdom and Power and Love of the All through the Spiritual Directions.

Through divinely inspired and guided audio Shamanic journeys, Kathryn leads you through the Gateways of the basic directions so that you may connect with the Guardians and learn a part of the signature energy of each Direction that is most needed for you at this time. The Spiritual Directions provide you with exactly that – direction, as well as connection and information that you may use in all aspects of your life.

The basic Spiritual Directions covered in this course are: the Sacred Center, East, South, West, and North. The Spiritual Directions may manifest in various ways according to where you are on the planet, but the Truth of each Direction will always be constant: the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West; Darkness follows the setting of the sun; Life is a circle. Within this sacred circle, you will learn the basic Truths of the Spiritual Directions and learn how to recognize them as you walk your own Spiritual Path.
All that is needed for this course is a journal, the ability to create a sacred space for journeying, and your willingness to connect to the Guides and Allies.

Introduction to the Spiritual Directions: A Shamanic Path of Initiation has 8 modules and includes 4 guided shamanic journeys. When you sign up, all of the information is accessible for you to begin the work. A minimum of a week focus is recommended for each Direction. Join Kathryn on the divine unfolding of your path as you connect with the Spiritual Directions!

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