In Scotland

Kathryn Ravenwood in Egypt.


Kathryn has always felt the pull of the Mysteries, the desire to find a deeper knowing and understanding of life. Her long love and study of the esoteric realms led her to the Tarot, Egypt, and ceremonial altars. She studied in the Egyptian Mystery School tradition with Nicki Scully, Normandi Ellis, and Gloria Taylor Brown and is an initiated member of the Lineage of Thoth. Her Tarot readings are done with the guidance of the Great Council of Tarot for personal alchemical transformation. Learning to listen to Spirit guidance led her to experience creating Sacred Water Altars, as told in her book, How To Create Sacred Water:A Guide to Rituals and Practices, (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.)  She have travelled to Egypt twice and was a contributing writer to Awakening the Scribes of Ancient Egypt (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co).